Convicted rioter involved in ‘utter mayhem’ in Cookstown

A man has been imprisoned for two months for his part in ‘utter mayhem’ on the streets of Cookstown.

Monday, 28th September 2015, 9:31 am

East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court heard how police discovered a crowd of some twenty people outside a house in Milburn Park in the early hours of May 26.

Police described the “tens e atmosphere” as the crowd directed their animosity towards a lone female.

As the police approached they saw the defendant. Gary Holdsworth, 32, from Milburn Close, pass close to the woman with two other males.


He pointed at her and was heard to state, “This is all your brought the police here”.

He then shouted a number of insults in her direction.

Mr Holdsworth then squared up to the woman in a threatening manner which incensed the crowd. Police were forced to step in an force the people away from the woman.

The defendant was arrested and the crowd became even more aggressive, forcing the police to deploy batons and CS spray to restore calm.

Under interview, Mr Holdsworth claimed that he had been acting as peace-keeper, but admitted shouting at the injured party.

His solicitor told the court that his client had contested the charge, stating that Mr Holdsworth had only intervened in order to get his cousin away from the scene.

District Judge John Meehan dismissed this claim saying, “This is a sinister case ... with some idea of domestic violence. This man sets himself up as some sort of big man ... while the crow harangue her.”

He also drew attention to the defendant’s two recent convictions for affray and rioting.

“This was utter mayhem. It was out of control with furious hostility. The crowd was targaeting this lone woman.”

Handing down a sentence of two months imprisonment, Judge Meehan remanded the defendant to Laganside Court to deal with his two suspended sentences . Bail for appeal was set at £200.