Cookstown accountancy firm Cavanagh Kelly holds seminars to help businesses grow

Delegates at a Cavanagh Kelly business seminar
Delegates at a Cavanagh Kelly business seminar

Up to 150 delegates attended two business growth seminars in Cookstown and Enniskillen hosted by chartered accountants Cavanagh-Kelly last week.

The events were held for local business owners to hear first-hand how to grow their business and what steps they needed to take to make sure they were at the forefront of their sector.

You’ve got to have the best people doing the right thing for your business everyday

Speaking at the Cookstown (or Enniskillen) event, Gerard Gildernew shared his experiences of helping some of his clients transform their businesses into leaders in their field.

“You’ve got to have the best people doing the right thing for your business everyday” he said. “With the right product range, streamlined efficient processes and a sound performance measurement system in place, you can constantly drive improvement across all areas of the business and drive up your profits,” he said.

Catherine Martin and Des Kelly provided attendees with a very comprehensive tax update, outlining the tax benefits of investing in Research & Development and looking ahead to the reduction in the region’s Corporation Tax rate.

“Northern Ireland companies are still not claiming enough R&D tax relief”, Catherine noted.

“The vast majority of businesses I work with are doing R&D every day of the week – the Revenue tax breaks are there, we can help you get significant tax relief which is going unclaimed for what you are doing already”.

Danske Bank’s Chief Economist Angela McGowan concluded both events with a very interesting look ahead to our economic fortunes locally, nationally and internationally.