Cookstown councillors hail pedestrian crossing on Westland Road

Cllr John McNamee
Cllr John McNamee

Cookstown Sinn Féin councillor, John McNamee, has welcomed the announcement of a new Puffin crossing on Westland Road South in the town. The news of the decision was released at a recent Council meeting with Roads Service.

Cllr McNamee said, “I first raised this issue several months ago following concerns from local residents about the potential for a serious accident along the Westland Road South.”

“The new housing developments and the shop and food outlets have meant that the volume of pedestrians crossing at the junction with Cemetery Road has increased significantly. When that is combined with the intensity of traffic along the Westland Road itself then the risks are high.”

“I have witnessed myself the number of children trying to get across the road to go to and return from school, church or leisure facilities. I fully appreciated the real danger they were in and thankfully Roads Service agreed with me on this point.”

“It is my understanding that Roads Service will be aiming to have the new Puffin type crossing in place before the end of March 2015 and will be locating it across from the cemetery side of Cemetery Road across to the shops area.”

Cllr Mc Namee concluded, “This crossing will help avoid accidents and will save a life, I have no doubt of that. I thank Roads Service for their assistance in making this matter a priority issue for the benefit of all road users.”