Cookstown man caught driving at 102mph already had 11 points

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A Cookstown man who was detected driving at 102mph on the Moneymore dual carriageway has been fined and disqualified from driving.

Mark Lennox, 24, of Balunasollus Road in the town was charged with driving without due care and attention and excess speed relating to an incident on January 21 this year.

A court heard how police were on patrol in Cookstown when they spotted the defendant driving a Honda Civic through the town, and his co-accused was driving another vehicle in close proximity.

Police observed as the defendant overtook a vehicle and cut back in front of it again, causing the other vehicle to brake sharply.

Police followed both the defendant and his co-accused as they approached the direction of the Moneymore carriageway where both cars drew alongside one another slowing down and speeding up.

Both cars sped up dramatically and police followed them, clocking their speed at 102mph on a road fixed to 70mph.

Police signalled for both cars to stop and they pulled over at a nearby picnic area.

Police asked Mr Lennox if he was racing and he replied: “No way this type R is about 200 brake.”

When asked about his speed he said: “I know it was stupid I’m sorry, does this mean I will lose my licence? I have 11 points already if I lose my licence I will lose my job.”

A defence solicitor for Mr Lennox informed the court his client does indeed have 11 active points on his licence. He also instructs that his client now has no vehicles as he sold them and only has access to a works van.

District Judge John Meehan said: “This is a man who has repeatedly shown that he is a danger on the road, and on this occasion playing ducks and drakes on the motorway.”

For the charge of driving without due care and attention Judge Meehan imposed a fine of £100 and disqualified Mr Lennox for 2 months.

For the excess speed, Judge Meehan fined Lennox £250 and endorsed his licence with 4 penalty points, resulting in an automatic disqualification of 6 months, plus a further offender levy to the court of £15.