Cookstown man fined for no insurance


A Cookstown man has been fined for using a motor vehicle without insurance.

Charles Colin Leonard, 46, of Castle Court, Cookstown was charged with the offence in relation to an incident on April 13th this year,

A court heard how police stopped the defendant on Sweep Road, Cookstown at around 2.20am on the date in question. Mr Leonard told officers he didn’t have his insurance with him and was asked to produce it within 7 days.

Police checks showed that Mr Leonard had produced two certificates of insurance, none of which covered him for the vehicle he was driving.

A defence solicitor for Mr Leonard told the court his vehicle was insured in his wife’s name and he was a named driver on the policy, and the other insurance certificate was for another car the family owned which had to be written off as a result of a road traffic accident.

A court heard that Mr Leonard had taken his mother’s car to collect his son from his job at Glenavon Hotel as the family were without a car for a short period after the accident. He said he thought he was insured as he was on a fully comprehensive policy.

He was fined £200 and 6 points on his licence.