Cookstown man has his stolen £45,000 Mercedes returned


A Cookstown man whose £45,000 Mercedes was stolen six hours after he bought it has had the car returned to him.

A spokesperson for West Midlands police told the Mail that the car had been found in the Small Heath area of Birmingham and recovered on behalf of the owner, Mark Hamilton, a property developer from Cookstown.

She said that he had contacted the police around 5pm on April 21 to say that the vehicle had been found. A fingerprinting analysis of the vehicle had also taken place.

Mr Hamilton had bought the Mercedes E63 AMG car from a dealer near London last week and it was driven to Birmingham on his behalf before it was taken.

Mr Hamilton has been told that there will be no insurance payout because the vehicle was not under the custody or control of the policy holder.

The car is worth more than £75,000 when bought brand new.