Cookstown man ‘introduced to drugs at the age of 11’

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A Cookstown man who was described by a judge as having ‘one of the worst records he has seen’ has appeared in court charged with possessing Class B controlled drug and assault on police.

Stephen Thomas Wilson, 33, of Molesworth Street, Cookstown was charged with the offences in relation to an incident on 30th May 2012.

A court was told how police were conducting a search at Mr Wilson’s home by virtue of a warrant under the misuse of drugs act. On entering the property, police observed the defendant who was sitting on the couch, hiding something behind his back. Police also observed Mr Wilson appear to put something in his mouth.

Police attempted to remove the item from Mr Wilson’s mouth and in the process of doing so Mr Wilson bit down on the officers hand and said “I have swallowed it you idiots.”

A small plastic bag containing cannabis was found in the house and Mr Wilson was cautioned for the offences. He admitted during interview that the cannabis was his and that it was for his own personal use. He denied assaulting the officer and told police his teeth may have brushed off the officers hand.

A defence solicitor for Mr Wilson told the court his client had been x-rayed at hospital following the incident and no item that he was believed to have swallowed was found in his stomach.

A pre-sentence report outlined that Mr Wilson had been introduced to drugs at the age of 11 and had been entrenched in serious drug use from the age of 15.

Mr WIlson’s solicitor said his client’s mother was now the driving force in his life in attempting to keep him on the straight and narrow and away from drugs.

The court was also told of how Mr Wilson had sustained serious injuries in an accident and had lost sight in one of his eyes and had to have a lot of his face reconstructed. He told the court his client is awaiting more surgery.

District Judge John Meehan told Mr Wilson that he had ‘one of the worst records’ he had seen.

He deffered sentencing for six months to 18th June 2014 to see how Mr Wilson gets on with his rehabilitation.