Cookstown man who crashed into the back woman’s car convinced her not to call police


A Cookstown man who crashed into the back on a woman’s car and then convinced her not to call the police will discover his sentence on April 13.

Laurynas Leonavicius, 23, from Old Rectory Meadows, admitted careless driving, and having no insurance or licence on November 27.

The court heard how a woman was waiting at a roundabout on Drum Road when she heard a screech and felt the car behind bump into the rear of her vehicle.

The defendant alighted and asked the lady not to call the police, giving her his phone number and stating that he would pay for the damage.

The provider subsequently contacted her to say that he would not be covered for the damage of over £1,000.

When they attended his house, Leonavicius denied being involved until they phoned the number provided by the lady and the phone rang in the next room.