Cookstown parents fear accident waiting to happen at school entrance

John McNamee
John McNamee

A Mid Ulster Councillor has said parents of children at a school in Cookstown fear a road accident is waiting to happen.

Sinn Fein’s John McNamee said he has been contacted by a number of worried parents of pupils attending Holy Trinity Primary School and nursery who are concerned of a possible accident at the campus entrance on Loy Street.

“The problem is the no parking symbols and school entrance warning that should be painted on the road have faded to such an extent that they are very difficult to see,” he said.

“Unaware drivers are parking their cars in this no parking zone. This causes a lot of difficulties for parents who upon exiting the school car park after dropping off or collecting their children have to sometimes ‘squeeze’ their own car between parked cars, which markedly reduces their ability to see oncoming traffic on the very busy Loy Street and it is only by luck a serious accident has not occurred.

“I have brought this problem to the attention of the Road Service and I am awaiting their response.”

Councillor McNamee added: “Should they not respond in an appropriate and timely manner, our local Sinn Fein MLAs will raise this important safety issue at a ministerial level to ensure that action is taken promptly.”