Cookstown pensioner robbed by bogus NIE worker

Bogus caller warning
Bogus caller warning

An elderly lady from the Derrychrin area of Cookstown was robbed after opening the door to a bogus caller posing as an NIE employee.

Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone said it was important to check the identity of unknown callers.

“The recent burglary of an elderly lady in the Derrychrin area by someone posing as an NIE employee is a reminder that there are those who continue to prey on the vulnerable in our communities,” said the SDLP assembly member.

“These incidents are traumatic and unsettling for those targeted and often leave the victims afraid to be alone in their own homes.

“I would urge everyone to ask for identification before opening their doors to unexpected callers.

“If you are uncertain of the identity of a caller then refuse them entry. Call the company they represent and seek confirmation that they are who they claim to be.

“Neighbours can also do more to ensure their community is safe by keeping an eye out for elderly and vulnerable residents.”

The robbery comes after NIE warned of bogus callers posing as their staff in the Donaghmore area.

“We take reports of anyone impersonating NIE staff very seriously. If someone calls to your door saying they are from NIE, please ask to see their ID pass. Legitimate NIE employees will be only too happy to show you their identification,” said Fiona McClintock, NIE Customer Relations Manager.