Cookstown PSNI pledge to prosecute dangerous ‘donut and drifting’ drivers


Police in Cookstown have pledged to prosecute boy and girl racers caught doing handbrake turns or ‘donuts’ in the area.

On their Facebook page, the PSNI posted an image of tyre tracks in the Stewartstown area, which they believe was caused by

“On patrol today we observed these tyre tracks on the road in the Stewartstown area.

“Drifting” or “doughnuting” is illegal and anyone caught involved in this activity may be prosecuted for careless or dangerous driving,” the local police stated.

“It may seem a bit of fun at the time but is it worth a court appearance, fine, penalty points or even worse injuring someone? It also causes a noise nuisance for residents.”

Facebook users however, poked fun at the police post with some defending the practice.

“Keep on diffing till the tyres are,” one reply read.