Cookstown PSNI reject claim ‘speed checks are targeted to raise money’

Police speed patrol
Police speed patrol

Cookstown police have rejected claims that they are carrying out speed checks to raise money in fines.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page on Friday night, the PSNI said: “This evening local officers conducted speeding operations with our ‘Laser’ camera on Moneyhaw Road, Moneymore and Fairhill Road, Cookstown in response to concerns.

“Two endorsable tickets were issued to motorists and one was reported to the PPS for excess speed.

“Due to recent fatalities on our roads we are only trying to work at keeping roads and people safe. Please keep an eye on your speed, slow down, pay attention to speed restriction signs.”

Resoponding to a comment, the PSNI added: “We are most certainly not raising revenue and we do not work on commission or have targets, we simply don’t want to deliver any news to families of loved ones involved in accidents. A very difficult part of our Job.”