Cookstown residents angry as 4G compensation ‘not enough’ to fix Freeview TV

Some residents lost all Freeview TV signal
Some residents lost all Freeview TV signal

Cookstown residents have hit out at “the big mobile phone companies” over the compensation offered after 4G killed their TV signals.

In mid-December we reported that a number of householders off Morgan’s Hill Road lost Freeview TV after a 4G mast was put up, with some having to pay engineers £100 to fix it.

It emerged then that anyone experiencing problems should have received a postcard signposting them to at800, which was set up between the mobile phone giants and government to deal with such problems.

But since that story there have been further reports of homeowners not being reimbursed the full cost of having their signals restored, even after at800’s own engineers were unable to fix it.

A Milburn Close resident said she lost her TV signal just before Christmas and called at800 as suggested.

But after two visits from engineers who could not rectify the problem, she said she was told they would pay for her to call somebody local in.

But instead of the £65 she had to pay out, the company reimbursed just £50.

“We had no TV over Christmas,” she explained. “We had two engineers out and the first one wiped all my Freeview stations.

“We rang them again and they sent two men out the second time. They put a filter on the aerial and it still didn’t work. I had to get in contact with PH Appliances,” she added. “I was so angry with them coming out two times and it still not working. He said it was the mast’s fault and that they would reimburse me.

“We never asked for this mast to be put up... it’s ridiculous that big companies can do what they like.”

A Milburn Park resident who was also refunded just £50 of the £65 she paid out, said she too is not happy “with their attitude”.

While an elderly couple was left frustrated at being left out of pocket by over £40 before Christmas.

But at800, who recently met with council about the problems, said: “We review requests for compensation on a case by case basis. We are sorry to hear that some viewers in Cookstown are dissatisfied with our service.”

Call at800 on 0808 13 13 800.