Cookstown’s reusable shopping bags pop up ‘in holiday selfies’

Cookstown's shopping bags in the Alps
Cookstown's shopping bags in the Alps

They have helped reinforce the message that Cookstown is the Retail Capital of Mid Ulster, and now the famous reusable shopping bags have gone global.

Several images of the Cookstown shopping bags in various locations have appeared on social media.

One of the bags is photographed with the stunning Alps in the background.

Another photograph, shows a holiday maker proudly carrying his Cookstown bag through Dubai airport. Since they were launched last year, the shopping bags have proved to be a major success.

Speaking to the Mail, a council source said they were delighted to see the bag showcasing the town in other countries.

“It is great to see how much people use these bags, and now they are even taking them on holidays. Not only have they reduced the need for plastic bags, they are also showcasing Cookstown as a fantastic place to shop.”