Cookstown Sinn Fein councillor denies making derisory suicide comments online

Michael McIvor
Michael McIvor

A Sinn Fein councillor in Cookstown has denied he was the author of derisory comments over suicide made in response to an online blog.

Michael McIvor has been singled out for making what have labelled ‘repugnant’ remarks over suicide - and also the murder of Paul Quinn - under the name Michael Henry.

When the Mid Ulster Mail contacted Mr McIvor, he denied any knowledge of the comments, and said he had not contributed to the blog.

“I don’t know who is behind this,” he told the Mail, saying he had been wrongly connected to the name ‘Michael Henry’.

When asked if he would be seeking legal advice over the online allegations linking him to the suicide comments, Mr McIvor said ‘there’s little point, as I don’t know who to go after’.