Cookstown woman kicked police officer who tried to help her


A Cookstown woman who kicked a police officer who went to her aid has been given 120 hours of community service.

East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court how, around midnight on October 4, police were on Molesworth Street in Cookstown when they observed two males helping an “extremely drunk female”, the defendant, Kirsty Magee, 29, of Millburn Close, across the road.

Constables rushed to her aid where she was “going in and out of consciousness

As they watched Ms Magee fell to the floor and the constables rushed to her aid where she was “going in and out of consciousness”.

While awaiting an ambulance crew which had also been called to attend to her, Ms Magee became abusive towards police as well as passers-by and she kicked out, striking a female officer.

Handing down a community service order of 120 hours for disorderly behaviour and an assault on police, District Judge John Meehan called the incident an “unsavoury matter”.