Cookstown woman shaves head for Alzheimer’s

Gemma Wylie after her charity head shave in the Royal Hotel.INMM0614-362
Gemma Wylie after her charity head shave in the Royal Hotel.INMM0614-362

Cookstown student Gemma Wylie made the brave and courageous decision at the weekend to shave off her auburn locks in aid of raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s Society.

For Gemma and her family, Alzheimer’s is something which they contend with on a day to day basis as Gemma’s grandmother suffers from the disease.

Speaking to the MAIL follow her head shave event in the Royal Hotel on Saturday night (1st February), the 20-year-old said she is in ‘total shock’ by the money she has raised and support she has received.

Gemma said: “I had so many people there on the night supporting me, the room was packed we had to get more seats brought in. It was absolutely brilliant! The support I got was immense. With the amount of money we raised came to £1514, just in the one night. I was sitting counting it up the next day and I just couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe how much we had actually raised. I was in total shock! We have raised £2350 overall so far to date and we still have donations coming in.”

Gemma told the MAIL she is still getting used to the idea of not having much hair for a while but she enjoys the extra lie-in in the mornings: “I get to sleep in another fifteen minutes every morning so it saves time getting ready. I have found that I keep running my hand through my hair because I haven’t got used to it yet but I like it.

She added that she hopes the money raised will help other local families: “I have found the more I have talked about the event the more people ar coming up to me saying, my granny or my auntie suffers from it, and I am realising it is a lot more common and I hope that the money I have raised will help other people’s families in the local area.”

Any voluntary donations are still welcome and you can donate via Gemma’s JustGiving page online at www,