Cookstown woman shouted ‘F**k off back to where you came from’ at foreign nationals


A £200 fine has been imposed on a Cookstown woman who shouted abuse at a group of foreign nationals.

Stacey Watterson, 22, from Stewart Avenue, shouted “F*&k off back to where you came from” at a group of revellers on Union Street on September 29.

She was asked to calm down by police but continued to shout obscenities at police and was charged.

He solicitor told the court that his client’s part was “unsavoury” and that she claimed not to be able to remember the specifics of the events.

He said that the behaviour was not generally in the defendant’s nature and that she thankfully did come to her senses and made apologies for her behaviour.

Deputy District Judge Peter King told Ms Watterson, a trainee lifeguard, that she was beginning to become well known to police.

“People should not have to hear this sort of abuse...just because of where they come from,” he told her before handing down a fine of £200 for the offence of disorderly behaviour.