Council a ‘JAM card friendly’ organisation

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Mid Ulster Council is supporting the NOW group’s innovative JAM card and give Just a Minute to people with disabilities by becoming a JAM (Just A Minute) Card friendly organisation.

The initiative is part of the delivery of Council’s Disability Action Plan which recognises that for some customers it’s not always easy to express themselves.

By showing a JAM card, it allows people who may face communication barriers to discreetly and easily tell others that they need a little more time or patience to engage with staff or access a service.

Providing this information to Council staff allows them to adjust their approach accordingly and provide a better experience for customers. In preparing for the launch of the initiative, a comprehensive training programme has ensured staff have gained valuable knowledge about how to provide excellent customer service when serving a person with a disability.

Council Chair, Councillor Sean McPeake said: “People with disabilities want to live happy, independent lives, but sometimes everyday situations that most of us take for granted can be a major source of stress and anxiety, such as buying a ticket for a show at the theatre, booking a class or a swim at a leisure centre, or ordering a bin for their homes.

“This is where a JAM card help as a discrete way for people to indicate to our staff that deal with members of the public on a daily basis, such as box office staff, council office receptionists and depot staff that they need a bit more time.”

He said the council was delighted to be a part of the initiative. JAM cards can be requested at