Council chairman helps launch hungerstrike commemoration

MAGHERAFELT council chairman Ian Milne has joined the organising committee for this year’s national hungerstrike commemoration, which will be held in Dungiven.

The Sinn Fein councillor said: “British interference in Irish affairs is decreasing year on year. This is undeniable and while it may not be fast enough for some, it should be remembered that it has taken more than 800 years to get this far.”

“We are not content to simply maintain the struggle. We want to push ahead and bring about not just a united Ireland but an Ireland that espouses the principles of 1916, one where everyone, protestant, catholic and dissenter will be valued equally. That will be our lasting monument to the hunger-strikers and all our patriot dead.

“We call on all Republicans to join with us on 5 August in Dungiven not only to commemorate the lives and sacrifice of the Hunger-strikers but to join with us to bring about the New Ireland that they were fighting for.”