Council ‘cooking up’ answers to climate change!

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CLIMATE change might be the last thing on our minds when rummaging through the fridge and larder trying to find ingredients for tonight’s family dinner.

Maybe we think about our tight budget at the end of the month.

Certainly we have our family’s health in mind.

And cooking must be quick to fit in with our busy schedules of work, school and leisure activities. But what about an economic, healthy meal that is quick to prepare, delicious to eat and good for the environment at the same time?

You can find out that cooking the traditional Bubble & Squeak and other simple, tasty left-over dishes may be part of the solution to climate change at a Public Cookery Demonstration, taking place on Thursday, 7 March from 10am to 2pm at the Oaks Centre Car Park in Dungannon.

Come along and refresh your cooking skills by watching award winning Chef Sean Owens preparing a range of delicious foods in a mobile kitchen supplied by Good Food NI.

The ‘Bubble & Squeak Kitchen’ is part of a climate event organised by Dungannon Council to coincide with Climate Week, a campaign that links thousands of events and activities in all parts of the UK to display real, practical ways towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future.

In addition there will be a variety of Council activities and information on display that morning ranging from ‘grow your own veg’, tips on reducing waste and increasing recycling, food safety, healthier lifestyles, biodiversity and good dog ownership - all with a common link to climate change and how we can help to combat it.

Yvonne Zellmann, Agenda 21 Co-ordinator with Dungannon Council, explains: “Climate change affects all of us. It’s something we hear about in the news and have started to accept as a threatening force looming on our doorstep with one foot already in the door.

“However, too often we forget that we all can take some action to reduce our carbon footprint and help combat climate change. Simple steps such as walking up to the shop rather than using the car, wasting less food or saving energy in the home will all help us living more sustainable lifestyles – good for us, our household budget and the environment!”