Council to investigate late night noise at McDonald’s that’s waking young family

McDonald's in Cookstown
McDonald's in Cookstown

Cookstown’s Environmental Health department have confirmed the launch of an investigation into late-night noise that residents living near McDonald’s say they have been putting up with for months.

One young mum living near the Sweep Road restaurant told our reporter that “roaring and shouting” at the restaurant sometimes goes on until 4am on Sunday mornings.

And that it is starting to take a terrible toll on her health and that of her two, four and 12-year-old children.

“My wee ‘uns are sick,” she told the Mail, “and I have to take them to the doctor and get their bloods done - they’re not getting their wee rest.

“It’s affecting us all with the lack of sleep,” she continued, adding “I’m a single mum of three and that’s me going day and night - you’re burnt out.

“It’s just tiring - it’s constant disturbance every week and the residents of Killymoon are just scundered with the constant noise pollution.

“Something’s going to have to be done.”

Although she did not want to be named, the woman said she does have the backing of other residents in the area.

“I’m not speaking for just me,” she added, “seven or eight houses round here are tortured - it’s just noise pollution.

“The week before last, at 3am we had seven or eight people thinking they were auditioning for X-Factor.

“Even a wee girl down the Castle Road heard it, so that shows how far it’s echoing.”

Another resident living nearby told the Mail: “It’s like the wild west on weekends.”

Since first telling the Mail their story, both residents said they have submitted noise monitoring forms to Environmental Health at Cookstown District Council containing details of disturbances at the restaurant going back to June.

A spokesman for the council said: “I can confirm two completed monitoring returns have now been received from two separate complainant’s regarding late night noise disturbance, associated with the hot food restaurant.

“In accordance with our standard procedures, a noise investigation procedure has now been instigated.”