Council would welcome refugees

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After considering what it could to do help with the Syrian refugee crisis, Mid Ulster Council is to contact government outlining a willingness to house refugees in the area.

Tasked with investigating practical measures council could take, Director of Business & Communities, Adrian McCreesh fed back his team’s findings at a meeting on Thursday [Sept 17] night.

He said: “There are three key areas where we feel as a corporate organisation we can make a contribution to the refugee crisis at this stage.”

As well as a campaign encouraging donations to relevant charities, council has agreed to write to the British, Irish governments and the EU, calling on them to take further action and outlining council’s commitment to support anyone relocated in Mid Ulster.

Finally council has agreed to form a plan with key stakeholders on what can be done to make sure the district is ready when people arrive.

Sinn Féin group leader Ronan McGinley, who called for the meeting, said: “I would like to thank council staff for their quick response. The options agreed by council are realistic, will provide real help and echo the mood of many citizens in Mid Ulster. I’m very proud Mid Ulster will play a part.”