Councillor delighted businesses may benefit from super fast broadband

Mid Ulster needs better broadband
Mid Ulster needs better broadband

DUP councillor James Shiels, has expressed his delight that his proposal enabling local businesses to benefit from the ‘Super Connected Cities’ programme was passed at the recent Development Committee.

“Businesses throughout Mid Ulster have raised the issue of poor broadband and knowing that the ‘Super Connected Cities’ program has been tremendously successful in the rest of the UK, and has the potential to make a real difference to local businesses, I was delighted to see the committee supporting my proposal to make provisions for Mid Ulster to avail of the program,” he said. “I am hopeful that this scheme will help stimulate the local economy.”

pro sucessful businesses a broadband voucher of up to three thousand pounds towards the cost of installing high speed broadband, and improve the overall fibre infrastructure in Mid Ulster.

I am appealing to all local businesses interested in improving their broadband to get in touch with the Mid Ulster Council when the vouchers become available.’