Councillor welcomes move on ‘danger bridge’ in Maghera

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MAGHERAFELT Sinn Féin councilllor Gabhán McFalone has welcomed a commitment from DRD Road Service to complete the final phase of works at what is locally known as ‘Milltown Bridge’ on the Craigadick Road, Maghera.

“There is finally, a budget commitment to complete the last phase of the footpath and replacement bridge scheme within the 2014-2016 DRD Road Service financial term,” he said.

“After repeated lobbying by Sinn Féin councillors and through the intervention of our Mid-Ulster MP, Francie Molloy, a commitment was received from DRD Minister, Danny Kennedy that the project would be placed on the Schedule of Works.

Councillor McFalone continued: “I have been involved in site meetings at the bridge on numerous occasions and I am totally dismayed at the fact that the footpath ended at the bridge which poses a danger to anyone stepping off it. Due to the rise on the bridge it is impossible to be seen by oncoming traffic on the other side, causing problems for those trying to cross in a safe manner.

“DRD Road Service have confirmed that they propose to replace the bridge and incorporate a footway as part of this scheme which will join the existing footway which will also see the bridge structure widened and the remaining footpath extended to the Falgotrevy Road.”

“At a recent meeting with DRD Road Service, I pressed the need for works to commence immediately.

“This stretch of road is used mostly by the children and young people from our local community who walk to training and games at Glen GAA grounds. I have requested that DRD Road Services prioritise the works at Milltown Bridge as a matter of urgency to allow those who use this stretch of road to do so safely.”

He appealed to motorists to exercise caution on this road especially coming into the Winter period with poor visibility and icy roads. ENDS