Councillor welcomes road improvements in Moneymore

COUNCILLOR Robert Kelly has welcomed the roadworks that are being undertaken in Moneymore.

“After the severe winter we had last year a lot of roads were affected by the elements. In light of this I’m glad that the Roads Service are undertaking some major rebuilding and resurfacing of two our our main artereal roads within Moneymore,” he said.

“This is a welcome scheme that will prepare us for the winter period and will safeguard people’s vehicles from being damaged by bad road surfaces and some considerably bad potholes that have appeared in the roads in question. I know that the roadworks may cause some inconvenience for a few weeks, but in the long term the work that is being done will be of a benefit to all those drivers within the village and also for the volume of traffic going through the village on a daily basis.

“At this time I would also appeal to all road users within the Moneymore area to show a little patience and consideration to each other while these roadworks are completed.”