‘Covert camera’ may stop vandalism in Magherafelt cemetery

Polepatrick Cemetery, Magherafelt.
Polepatrick Cemetery, Magherafelt.

A MAGHERAFELT councillor has suggested that a hidden camera should be placed in the town’s public cemetery to deter vandals.

SDLP Councillor Jim Campbell made the comment after hearing the decorative chain used to segregate the burial area from the park had been smashed.

He told the monthly meeting that such anti-social behaviour in a grave yard was intolerable.

“It’s desecration of burial ground and it cannot be allowed to continue,” he said.

Director of Operations, Andrew Cassells, said the PSNI had been notified of two recent incidents of vandalism at Polepatrick.

Back in 2007 a member of the public sparked a security alert when they came across an object which later turned out to be a camera hidden in undergrowth in the cemetery.