Crackdown on underage drinking in Cookstown sparks outrage

Police in Cookstown carried out a major crackdown on underage drinking at a teenage disco in the town on Friday night.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page, the PSNI said some parents were asked to come and collect their kids.

Underage drinking

Underage drinking

“Just a reminder to parents : several children attending a teenage disco were stopped by police and found to have taken alcohol and some of their parents did not even know that they were in Cookstown!” the statement read.

“Parents from all over the country were contacted to come and collect their children. All buses heading into the area were stopped and searches for alcohol conducted.

“We will continue this approach as the children’s safety is paramount.”

The online post attracted a huge debate and anger from parents.

One parent posted: “Not all teenagers behave in this way, the vast majority go sober and have a good night, why punish them for others’ behaviour. The night clubs do not sell alcohol either and can’t be held responsible for those who consume it elsewhere. Think some parents are more to blame than anyone.”

Another woman said: “As a parent of two boys 13 and 18 I resent your comment.....some children are brought up properly and do have manners...the peer pressure of other children who are from broken families or those that let them run wild is terrible, I experience it often and challenge my two shouldn’t generalise is all I am saying.”

This in turn attracted strong criticism. “‘The peer pressure from other children from broken homes’ are u actually serious?? What an unfair thing to say.”

Another response read: “What have kids from broken homes got to do with anything. Very judgemental and shows you have very little education or knowledge on the matter when you can make a generalisation like that.”