‘30’ animal organisations refuse to rehome man’s pets

The turpins from Cookstown that are getting it tough finding a new home.
The turpins from Cookstown that are getting it tough finding a new home.

By Patricia Devlin

A COOKSTOWN man who claims to have contacted over 30 animal organisations to have his pets rehomed says he has been turned away from every one.

The 28 year-old, who does not want to be named, sought help after relaising he could not afford to look at the pair of exotic turtles after losing his job.

Thinking help would be readily available he contacted scores of animal rescue centres, local charities and organisations, to be met with the same answer - that they could not help.

Some even advised him to have the healthy pet turtles, which he bought four years ago, put to sleep if he could not afford to keep them.

“I have tried my best to rehome them in every way possible,” he told the MAIL.

“I would say I rang more than 30 organisations who all have big fancy websites saying that they take animals big or small and no pet would be turned away for any reason.”

“I find that laughable as everyone I rang, e-mailed or wrote to give me the same story saying they would not take them and a lot would not even get back to me and was no help whatsoever.”

He added: “I have also been told by a couple to have them put down, but to be honest I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I had two healthy pets put down.”

The local man is now appealing to anyone who may be able to rehome the terrapins, which are both about the size of an average palm, to contact him.

“If there is anyone out there that would be able to offer them a home, and look after them in the way they should be looked after I would like to hear from them

“When I first bought them I was told all they needed was a a bowl of water, but that wasn’t true, and is another issue that should be looked into.

“I have a tank, water filter and heater as well as food that will be sent with the terrapins to their new home - if I can find one that is.”

If you can offer the turpins a new home please contact: 07751427419.