'Bottle put through window' of pensioner's car

Councillor Malachy Quinn has condemned anti-social behaviour.
Councillor Malachy Quinn has condemned anti-social behaviour.

SDLP Mid Ulster Councillor Malachy Quinn has condemned anti-social behaviour in the Coalisland area.

He hit out at those who put a bottle through the back window of a pensioner's car early on Sunday morning.

"Some people will say its only a broken window but the reality is this car belongs to an elderly woman, who now has no method of transport to get around and who finds it difficult to get down and into the town," he said in a statement.

It is understood the PSNI are investigating the incident.

"I have been speaking to the woman and she has told me that sadly this is common occurrence for her car and in the past has had her wing mirrors knocked off or broken and her windscreen wipers snapped and thrown away.

"This is no doubt the result of some thug coming up from the town after a few drinks and thinking it funny to cause damage to people's property. They wouldn't do it to their own property, so why do they think it's acceptable to do it to someone else's?"

He appealed to anyone who saw what happened to get in contact with the police.

"We have a great community up in Newtownkelly/Gortgonis who helped the lady out in the morning and they all deserve to be free of this stupid anti-social behaviour," he added.