‘Brutal murder must signal change’ - victims group

A FERMANGH based victim’s group has said that the murder of prison offcer David Black ‘must signal change’.

In a statement condemning the 52 year-old’s brutal murder, Director of Services at South East Fermanagh Foundation Kenny Donaldson said those who took the Cookstown man’s life were “cowards”.

He urged those in positions of power within the community, politics and the church, to exercise their influence in apprehending those responsible for Mr Black’s murder.

Mr Donaladson said: “People in positions of influence whether politically, within the Church or as community leaders need to catch a grip of what is happening in Northern Ireland.

“Instead of perpetuating a flawed policy of appeasing terrorists and their apologists, the tables must be turned and decency returned to a Country which is on the edge of a moral abyss.”

He added: “At many levels within Northern Ireland Society there has been ‘tacit support’ given to the lies and propaganda which suggests that violence was somehow justified as a means of furthering a political objective.

“That is a lie in 2012 and it was equally a lie in 1969 and for the 3 plus decades of terrorist campaigns which followed.” Mr Donaldson concluded: “Let’s be absolutely clear; this morning’s outrage and all other terrorist killings which were inflicted upon Northern Ireland’s people for so many years were the actions of cowards - there is nothing heroic in taking another’s life because you refuse to accept their nationality and/or religion.”