Call for action on teenage boozers

Cookstown'Main Street
Cookstown'Main Street

A solution needs to be found to the growing problems of underage drinking and anti-social behaviour in Cookstown, according to a local MLA

DUP politician Keith Buchanan says he is planning a meeting with statutory agencies to discuss the situation.

“I have received numerous complaints from homeowners and businesses regarding the issue,” he said.

“This nuisance issue is affecting business through thefts and anti-social behaviour to residents and properties.

“I welcome the opportunity to meet with representatives from Council, PSNI and PCSP.

Mr Buchanan claimed some young people were using the town as a playground and causing mayhem to some businesses and homeowners.

“The anti-social behaviour spills into the cemetery, a place that is sacred to so many,” he continued.

“Some parents or guardians should ask where their children are.

“I recently observed CCTV footage of a young lady in a state of confusion, this one day could result in loss of life which no-one wants.”

But PSNI Superintendent Mike Baird said recent crime stats for Mid-Ulster show a decrease of 6.5% in the figures for anti-social behaviour compared to the last financial year.

The superintendent said: “I understand the effect anti-social behaviour can have on communities and we are committed to finding solutions to address it, however, these solutions cannot be found by police alone.

“ We will continue to work together with our partners, community representatives and the local community to address the underlying causes.

“It is critical that people who choose to behave in this way understand the impact their actions have; not only on the residents in the area but also on business owners who are providing employment and contributing to the local economy.”

The public can get in touch with police on the non-emergency number 101. If it is an emergency, call 999.