Chicken catcher fined for ‘exposing backside’

A CHICKEN catcher caught on CCTV kicking and banging on shop window shutters was fined a total of £250 at Magherafelt Magistrates Court.

Barry Quinn (18), of Loughans Road, Ballygawley, Dungannon, was also said by a PPS lawyer to have “exposed his backside”.

Quinn admitted charges of disorderly behaviour, indecent behaviour and obstructing police at Queen Street, Magherafelt, on August 25 last year.

The prosecuting lawyer said Quinn had given the police false details regarding his identity before making off.

A defence lawyer said the defendant had been drinking most of the night and was very ashamed of his actions.

She stressed that he was from a settled background and worked as a chicken catcher in his spare time although he was studying to become an engineer.

The lawyer said Quinn had been extremely drunk and did not have a huge memory of the night.

Imposing the fines, District Judge Des Perry remarked that Quinn’s behaviour had been “quite disgusting” and had brought shame upon his family.