Churchtown man punched police officers calling one a ‘c**t’ and threatening to kill them

Court hammer
Court hammer

A Churchtown man who tried to intervene in his friend’s arrest has been sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

Michael O’Neill, 50, from Drumglass Road, was part of a large crowd at the junction of Church Street and Fountain Road in Cookstown in the early hours of July 26.

When his friend was escorted from the scene, he attempted to intervene, becoming aggressive towards police.

One officer was forced to push him to the ground and, as a response, Mr O’Neill reacted by punching two officers as he attempted to resist arrest.

“You’re a c**t,” he was heard to shout. “I’ll f**king kill you.”

Handing down the sentence, District Judge John Meehan stopped Mr O’Neill’s solicitor from trying to mitigate for his client’s actions because he had been pushed first: “In that high danger ... the constables had a crowd coming at them ... it was understandable for police to push them back.”