Clonoe family discover metre long snake in their garden

Snake. Stock image
Snake. Stock image

A metre long snake that has been missing from home for six months, has just turned up in a Clonoe garden.

Named Psycho by its owner - a young girl who lives in Coalisland - the reptile was discovered by a family on Sunday morning.

Aisling Donnelly told BBC Radio Ulster that her brother and his friend discovered the reptile.

And after meeting Psycho, she said she would now like a snake of her own.

“It was a bit random finding a snake outside on a Sunday morning,” she explained. “Of course we were a bit freaked out, nobody wanted to touch it.” But since then, she said: “The whole country has come round to see it.”

As they didn’t know what to do with it, the family called the USPCA, but now it has been reunited with its owner.