Coagh house attacked

THE petrol bombing of a home in Coagh could have been a murder scene, according to Mid Ulster MLA Ian McCrea.

The midnight attack in Windsor Terrace last week was also condemned by SDLP councillor Christine McFlynn.

Two devices were thrown at the front door of the house at around 11.55pm last Wednesday March 16.

It is understood glass was broken when a device was fired into the living room of the property.

Both devices were lit and caused damage to the house.

A man who was in the house at the time was not injured.

DUP MLA Ian McCrea said: “Those who carried out this petrol bomb attack at a house in Windsor Terrace, Coagh had clearly no thought for life.

“This could have been a murder scene.

“Not only was the house that was attacked occupied but also in the houses on either side of it.

“Only the speedy and efficient actions by the Fire Service ensured that the fire did not spread.

“I commend the local residents of the estate who, upon hearing the attack, immediately ran to the house and alerted the residents. These actions undoubtedly saved life.”

SDLP Ballinderry councillor McFlynn said everybody had the right to live without fear or intimidation.

She said: “I condemn this incident. Thankfully nobody was harmed, however, it had the potential to cause considerable harm.

“I urge anybody with information to pass it to the police. We cannot allow people to think they can act with impunity outside of the law,” said Councillor McFlynn.

The PSNI have anyone with information to contact them.