Condemnation of ‘terrorist related flag’ at Maghera Police Station

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The appearance of a “terrorist related flag” on a post inside the now closed Maghera Police Station has been condemned locally.

Mid Ulster DUP MLA Keith Buchanan said he has been engaging with the PSNI after the ‘starry plough’ - which has links to the INLA - was put up.

“This is exactly the type of activity which is not wanted by the community here,” he said. “The starry plough flag which is linked to the INLA, is visible to the public from inside the police station in Maghera.

“There is a clear message being sent to the Maghera community by those responsible.

“By carrying out this act they are seeking to raise tensions and intimidate the unionist community.

“The INLA created terror and devastation in our communities through their terrorist campaign and this promotion of their activity will not be tolerated.

“This is an embarrassing and clear breach of security as the those responsible were able to gain access to the police station and erect this flag from inside the grounds.

“They have furthermore committed a crime in trespassing.

Superintendent Mike Baird said: “We are aware a flag has been erected at the disused PSNI building in Maghera.

“The facility has not been an operational police station since 2013 and has been put forward for disposal. The site is not currently used by any PSNI personnel.”