Cookstown man victim of international banking scam

A COOKSTOWN resident has become the target of an international banking scam.

The local man received a letter purporting to be from ‘a private bank in Japan’.

He was told that it looked as if he was the beneficiary of a $10,000 legacy left by a man of a similar name who had died in an accident.

The Cookstown man was asked to contact the bank to discuss the matter and urged to keep the correspondence confidential.

He was provided with a telephone and fax number in Japan and an email address.

Con Paul Wilson, the Crime Prevention Officer, said this was the type of fraud that had been seen before.

“In the past these letters have come from places like Hong Kong and Singapore. They are aimed at drawing the recipients into a discussion, during which they will be asked to provide personal and banking details, and even pay ‘administration’ or ‘legal’ charges to have the funds released.

“Naturally, there is no legacy and anyone who falls for this scam could end up seriously out of pocket.

“Our advice is to bin these letters. That is all they are worth.”