Cookstown residents ‘exhausted’ by 3am noise pollution from ‘boy racers’

Fairhill Road in Cookstown, which residents say is plagued by anti-social driving
Fairhill Road in Cookstown, which residents say is plagued by anti-social driving

Infuriated residents of Fairhill in Cookstown have called for help to combat anti-social ‘boy-racers’ in the area.

Nightly the people in the area are awoken by the noise of car engines roaring on the road.

Cars on Fairhill in Cookstown

Cars on Fairhill in Cookstown

“They are boy racers,” said one resident. “The noise is unbelievable. They do wake you up but the worst thing is that no one is listening to us about this problem.

“We have been complaining about this for years - the police say that there is not really anything that they can do.

“Speed bumps would sort out the problem in a very expedient way, but we have been told that the Fairhill doesn’t meet the correct criteria. How? I do not know because it is a matter of public safety.

“It seems that because there is not kids out (on the streets) at 2.30 in the morning creating a load of noise that we do not meet the criteria.

“There is a turning circle and I counted 35 cars pulling in there, one after another, before they thunder down the road, blaring their engines. They are a huge nuisance.

“They are up and down the road the whole night. It has been going on for years. We are sick to the back teeth of this.

“The reason nothing is being done is that it is claimed that they are not breaking any motoring laws. The sympathy seems to be with the people who are being anti-social rather than the residents.”

The resident said police send a patrol car to the area, “but as soon as they go away the noise returns”.

“If anything the noise has got worse in the last couple of weeks. They have modified cars which are set up to give a ‘backfire’ effect. We have been to every agency but it seems everyone is passing the buck, saying that it is someone else’s problem.

“There are people with children, people who are working, and older people and this is having a really detrimental effect. There are people who are not being allowed to sleep and that is clearly unsustainable.”

“I don’t mind trucks delivering goods. That is people doing what they have to do. But what are these people doing at 3am? They are doing nothing except disturbing residents with their cars that are modified to make the maximum amount of noise possible. It is completely inane.

“The trouble is that it goes on so long that you are exhausted by your rage. You just cannot live with this sort of stress level all the time.

“At one stage we blocked the turning circle with cars and you could see that the drivers were confused by why cars were there. The problem was that we were afraid that someone was going to take a screwdriver to the car. It shouldn’t be up to us to be policing the streets even if it did stop them for a time.

“The area is becoming a hang out for anti-social drivers and that is not taking into account the litter and cans.”