Cookstown woman admits crashing car into oncoming traffic


A Cookstown woman has been fined a total of £165 and handed four points after crashing into another car when she drove into oncoming traffic on the Fountain Road.

Gail Graham from Beechway appeared before Dungannon Magistrates on Wednesday, August 28 in relation to the February 6 incident.

The court heard how both vehicles had sustained “significant damage” during the collision and that an ambulance was also called to the scene.

It was also revealed how the 25-year-old had said “I am sure it was my fault” when police carried out a notebook interview at the scene and that she agreed her “standard of driving could be conceived as careless”.

In her defence, counsel told the court the part-time receptionist had tried to minimise the damage and explained how the road on which she was driving had “a fairly steep incline towards the junction”.

After discovering the defendant already had three points for speeding, Judge Meehan gave her an additional four points and ordered her to pay a fine of £150 plus a £15 offenders levy.