Council prosecutes over dog attack

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Mid Ulster Council are urging residents to keep their dogs under control following the prosecution of a woman over a dog attack.

A woman has been successfully prosecuted for a dog attack offence on a person, by Mid Ulster District Council.

The hearing took place at Dungannon Magistrate’s Court last week.

The defendant was ordered to pay a £250 fine and legal and court costs totalling £309.

The District Judge further imposed a compensation order of £500 in favour of the injured party.

Speaking after the proceedings, Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Wilbert Buchanan said, “This case sums up the importance of, and acts as a reminder to all dog owners, to ensure their dogs are kept under control and unable to roam and stray at all times, and this includes outside their own homes.

“Dog attack incidents have huge emotional and financial consequences for all those involved so I would encourage everyone to pay heed to this outcome and take the relevant steps to avoid any future incidents.”