Crackdown on young hooligans

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A Cookstown councillor has welcomed a clampdown on rowdy revellers in the town centre.

Ulster Unionist Party representative Trevor Wilson encouraged police to continue their action.

Councillor Trevor Wilson

Councillor Trevor Wilson

The local PSNI revealed that they had made four arrests in the town for public order offences.

And they warned, in a Facebook post, anyone coming to Cookstown for entertainment at weekends and on Monday nights to behave or face the consequences.

Councillor Wilson said the anti-social behaviour had now spread along Loy Street and residents had complained to him.

“I welcome the clampdown and would encourage the police to do more in light of complaints from residents in the Loy Street area,” he said.

He said he has met with residents to discuss “this ongoing situation” and he hoped with continuing action from the police “something will come of it.”

“I’m not against people coming to Cookstown and having a good time,” Councillor Wilson stressed. “But they have to be mindful that there are residents living in the area.”

In their social media post the police said they will continue to make arrests.

They wrote: “Travel to Cookstown for nights out at the weekend or Monday nights? Well then listen up.

“This morning, four people woke up with a grey ceiling for a view. They also had a steel door and a concrete floor for company. One thing in common...all committed public disorder offences in Cookstown.

“We will continue to arrest and put people before the courts who can’t enjoy a night out with friends. We may ask you to move on or step back when we are dealing with an incident. You may get told to move back. We can also use reasonable force to move you should the situation require it.”

This time last year after the schools had broken up, police said there were “despicable scenes” and issued over 20 sanctions to young people.