Crime on rise in Cookstown

CRIME is up by almost 10 per cent in Cookstown, latest figures have revealed.

The 2011/2012 statistics show that the total number of crime reports increased to 1,950, up by 171 reports since last year, a rise of 9.6 per cent.

The rise is being blamed on an increase in both assaults and burglaries in the district over the last 12 months.

Incidents of violence increased across Cookstown, up by a staggering 182 incidents than the previous year.

A hike in burglaries in April 2011 meant there were 43 more incidents than the previous year.

A person was identified as being involved and dealt with thorough the criminal justice system.

The Cookstown data goes against province wide crime statistics which show that crime is at its lowest level in the province for 14 years.

Crime across Northern Ireland has dropped by 1.6 per cent, falling by 1,651 incidents, from 105,040 offences in 2010/11 to 103,389 offences in 2011/12.

Antisocial behaviour has dropped by 12,763 incidents in the last year, the lowest level of ASB recorded by the PSNI since this method of recording was introduced nationally in 2006/7.

Road deaths are at their lowest level since 1931 and burglary has also fallen to its lowest levels since 1998/99.

Describing the Coosktown figures as “disappointing” local area commander Chief Inspector Jane Humphries said: “The figures are disappointing but they have helped us identify priorities for the financial year that started in April.

Speaking about the hike in violent incidents, the Chief Inspector added: “These incidents are a combination of violence in public places and violence within the home. Our strategy will be to reduce the number of non-domestic violent crimes involving injury and to reduce the number of domestic violence with injury crimes. “

She noted that the number of drugs arrests and seizures increased. Police made 65 arrested and made 127 seizures.

The number of people injured on Cookstown’s road also dropped, from 192 to 157, with one fatality.

On a positive note criminal damage is down 17.3% and crime against vehicle down 42.9%., Chief Inspector Humphries noted.

The crime figures in full can be seen on the PSNI website,, in the statistics section.

And the area’s policing priorities for the new financial year can be viewed on the F District pages under the heading F District Priorities and Performance / District Policing Plans 2012/13.