Dillon welcomes court ruling

Linda Dillon, MLA
Linda Dillon, MLA

Sinn Féin Mid Ulster MLA Linda Dillon has welcomed a High Court directive ordering police and security chiefs to hand over intelligence files relating to loyalist killings.

“I welcome the decision to order the disclosure of more than 80 categories of documents related to the loyalist Glenanne Gang working in collusion with British state forces,” she said in a statement.

“There have been systemic failings on behalf of the PSNI in relation to collusion and the Glenanne Gang in particular.

“The British state has continually sought to deny and delay the truth about the role of its armed forces in running loyalist death squads during the conflict.

“The disclosure of these documents will go some way to explaining how that collusion came into effect.

“However, families should not have to go to the courts to get the truth decades after the killings of their loved ones

“A number of mechanisms were agreed at Stormont House to deal with the legacy of the past.”

Ms Dillon added that the British government needs to “implement this agreement and end its veto on disclosure on bogus national security grounds and instruct their intelligence agencies to fully and promptly comply with the court order.”

At the end of July, the High Court ruled in favour of relatives of the Glenanne gang’s victims in that the PSNI was breaching their human rights.

The families took legal action against the PSNI for failing to complete an overarching review of the activities of the loyalist gang, which is believed to have been responsible for up to 120 murders in nearly 90 incidents in the Troubles.

The gang, commanded by Robin ‘The Jackal’ Jackson, carried out attacks in Counties Tyrone and Armagh.