Don't leave valuables in vehicles at Park & Ride warn police

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The police are warning park and ride users not to leave anything of value inside their vehicles after increased reports of thefts at local facilities.

Superintendent Mike Baird explains: "In recent weeks we have seen increased reports of thefts from vehicles at these parking facilities and while we are investigating those incidents and putting in place extra patrols we are also asking drivers to take some personal responsibility.

"Opportunistic criminals will go for the quick win so that means targeting the car that has a handbag or a tablet or even cash lying in plain view.

"Van drivers can be an easy target if thieves believe they can walk off with expensive tools so make sure you remove anything that is of value before leaving it for the day or overnight.

"We are also sharing this message on our social media pages so follow us on Facebook and make sure to share this crime prevention information with friends and family."