Drink driving ‘serious problem’ in Mid Ulster

Drink driving.
Drink driving.

Drunk drivers are being arrested on an almost daily basis by police across the Mid Ulster area.

Just days after launching their Christmas drink driving campaign, police said they believe it’s a serious problem in the district.

“These people have no respect for our community or for the people living in it,” they said in a social media post.

“We take great pride in removing these people from our roads and putting them in front of the courts.

“There is no excuse for driving whilst drunk and we have no sympathy for anyone caught doing it.

“It’s about time these people wised up and thought about how their selfish decision could ruin someone else’s life.”

Figures for the Christmas and New Year period last year, showed a drop from 28 in 2016 to 26 in 2017.

Chief Inspector Mervyn Seffen said: “While the drink-drive message is important throughout the year, it is particularly emphasised during the festive period. This is a time when a greater number of social events take place and more people may let down their guard and be tempted to take a chance.

“PSNI’s winter operation runs until January 1, and drivers in Mid Ulster should be aware they could be stopped at any time, day or night. Last year, 357 people across Northern Ireland were detected during our winter operation. They discovered, to their cost, everyday tasks they’d taken for granted became much more difficult as a result of losing their driving licence. We carried out nearly 16,000 preliminary roadside breath tests during last year’s operation – a 25% increase over the previous year. Our aim during this campaign is to test even more people, but have fewer detections.

“Our message is clear. Never ever drink and drive. Just one drink can impair decision making.”