Drove without L plate and insurance

A 30 year-old ‘L’ driver who drove unaccompanied and without a front learner plate has been disqualified from driving.

Italvina Gomes Ferreia Garces was also convicted of driving without insurance at Dungannon Magistrates Court on Friday.

A PPS solicitor told the court that Garces came to the attention of police when she failed to observe a green light at the junction of William Street and Orritor Street, Cookstown on January 8th this year.

The 30 year-old, of Collreaghs Crescent in the town, was stopped and questioned by police where it transpired that she was a learner driver and had only one ‘L’ plate on the rear of her vehicle.

With the use of a translator it later emerged that she had no insurance.

A defence solicitor told District Judge John Meehan that Garces had only came to Northern Ireland in 2004, and she had no English “whatsoever”. The lawyer added that her client had three children under the age of ten, and her husband is currently in prison for carrying out a “vicious” assault on her.

“She is attempting to get her test to better her circumstances for her and her children,” she said.

The solicitor added that on the day in question Garces was on her way back from a garage when she was stopped by police.

Imposing a total of £360 for the offences, District Judge John Meehan endorsed six penalty points on the defendant’s licence.

Judge Meehan said that due to a total of seven penalty points already currently active on Garces licence, this meant she would be disqualified from driving for a total period of six months, She was given a total of £16 weeks to pay the fines.