Drunk motorist approached police and got arrested

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A Dungannon man has pleaded guilty to being in charge of a vehicle whilst intoxicated.

Marius Jatkauskas, 22, from Kilmerron Grove, appeared at Dungannon Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

The court heard how on the night of April 13, a police patrol in Dungannon observed Jatkauskas climb into the driver seat of a BMW and switch on the car headlights.

The defendant then left his vehicle and approached police officers, who noticed that his eyes were glazed and that his breath smelled of intoxicating liquor.

A breathalyser test at Dungannon police station showed a reading of 66mcg.

The defence solicitor Jarlath Faloon said that Jatkauskas, who has a previous warning for receiving stolen property, had been drinking in a local bar and had arranged to spend the night at a friend’s house.

He had went back to his vehicle to retrieve his wallet when he was spotted by police.

The solicitor said that the defendant had no intention of driving his car.

He added that Jatkauskas worked as an engineer and needed his car for work.

Because of his early plea, and his lack of a relevant record, the solicitor asked for leniency.

However, when it emerged that the defendant did not have his licence with him in court, Judge John Meehan refused to impose penalty points on someone who withheld their licence from the court, and threatened to disqualify him from driving.

The case was adjourned for one week.