TWO young girls aged just 14 and 16 were taken to hospital after police found them extremely drunk - one was semi-conscious,

Parents have been urged to look after their children as they were revealed to be just two of nine young people police in Cookstown had to deal with over the weekend.

Both girls were found around 9.30pm on Saturday in separate locations. One 14-year-old was discovered in James Street and the other 16-year-old was found semi-conscious due to alcohol in Molesworth Street.

Also on Saturday a 16-year-old boy who had consumed too much alcohol was arrested for disorderly behaviour, assault on police and resisting arrest in the Molesworth Street area.

He released into the care of his parents and a report is to be sent to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS).

Another 17-year-old who was also involved in disorderly offences is to be reported to the PPS.

Meanwhile a 15-year-old boy was arrested in James Street following a call to police from a local publican.

The youth was causing a disturbance at the bar when he was refused admission. When police arrived the boy continued to be disorderly and lashed out at officers.

He was taken to Dungannon for interview and a report is being prepared for the PPS. A police officer sustained an injury to his elbow in the incident.

And in a separate incident on Fairhill Road an 18-year-old man found himself in custody in Dungannon after he refused to provide his details and became aggressive with police who were enforcing council bye laws by seizing alcohol.

He was charged to appear in court in Dungannon on 13th January 2012.

In the early hours of Saturday morning a 17-year-old boy was seen by police drinking from a bottle of Buckfast on James Street. He made off from police but was caught a short distance away where he tried to finish the bottle. He is to be reported to the council for on-street drinking offences and to the PPS for jaywalking and underage drinking.

Police are urging parents to be aware of where their children are going and to speak to them with regard to alcohol.

“Any young person detected as consuming alcohol will be dealt with for offences through the criminal justice system,” said the inspector for the Cookstown area, Hazel Moucka.

She said: “While we are not out to spoil the enjoyment of the young people we will rigorously enforce licensing legislation in the town.

“Dealing with these young people takes up a lot of police, ambulance and hospital resources when parental responsibility and education could prevent a lot of the incidents.

“These girls were lucky to have come to the attention of police. It doesn’t bear thinking about what could have happened to them when they were in such a state.

“We are also appealing to drivers of buses, coaches and taxis to take some responsibility for young people they transport to the town and would ask that they put in place restrictions for alcohol to be brought on to the vehicles.