‘Drunken madness’ results in accident

Magherafelt Court House.INMM0716-301
Magherafelt Court House.INMM0716-301

A forklift driver who decided to get behind the wheel of a car in “drunken madness”, has lost his licence for 16 months at Magherafelt Magistrates Court.

Twenty-one-year-old Jaime Arrell, of Garden Street, Magherafelt, was also fined a total of £400 for driving while having consumed excess alcohol and failing to report a damage only accident to the police at Union Road in the town.

The court heard the defendant was involved in a collision with a telegraph pole belonging to Openreach resulting in £2,287 damage.

A prosecuting lawyer said that Arrell provided a breath specimen which showed an alcohol reading of 83mgs.

Defence barrister Michael Forde pointed out that the cost of the pole would be “looked after by the insurance company.”

Mr Forde explained that Arrell had been out in a local pub with friends and had walked home before deciding “for absolutely no reason” to get behind the wheel.

He said the defendant would have to get lifts to work as he worked for a company some distance from the town.

The lawyer pleaded with the court to give the defendant credit for the way he had met the charges and consider him for the drink driving rehabilitation course.

“He is a young man with no criminal record and in drunken madness he very foolishly decides to get behind the wheel,” he said.

District Judge Oonagh Mullan remarked that it was concerning that the reading was high and there had been an accident.

She certified him suitable for the driving course which, if completed successfully, could entitle him to a reduction in his period of disqualification to 12 months.